[MEDIA Xtreme Cool R32 Non Inverter Air Conditioner]
Series: Xtreme Cool, MSAG
Model: 1.0HP - MSAG-10CRN8
             1.5 HP- MSAG-13CRN8
             2.0 HP- MSAG-19CRN8

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RM1,150.00 - RM2,750.00

[Mitsubishi JR Series Non Inverter R32 Air Conditioner]
Model: 1HP - JR10VF
             1.5 HP- JR13VF
             2 HP- JR18VF

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RM1,420.00 - RM3,080.00

[Panasonic R32 Non Inverter Air Conditioner]
Series: PN Series (Non-Inverter)
Model: 1HP - CS-PN9WKH
             1.5 HP- CS-PN12WKH
             2 HP- CS-PN18WKH

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RM1,400.00 - RM3,080.00

[ACSON AVO series Non Inverter Air Conditioner]
Model: 1HP - A3WM10N
             1.5 HP- A3WM15N
             2 HP- A3WM20N

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RM1,390.00 - RM2,880.00

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RM2,380.00 - RM4,380.00

[DAIKIN Standard Non Inverter Air Conditioner]
Model: 1HP - FTV28PB / RV28PB-LF
             1.5 HP- FTV35PB / RV35PB-LF
             2 HP- FTV50PB / RV50PB-LF

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RM1,470.00 - RM3,110.00